MM Alam Road's transformation into food street on cards

Lahore: On Tuesday, Commissioner Muhammad Ali Randhawa of Lahore conducted a meeting with Kamran Lashari, Director General of the Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA), to deliberate upon the MM Alam Road’s transformation, as reported by news sources.

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During the meeting, various aspects of beautification and renewal within different sectors of the city were discussed and evaluated. This included Mall Road, MM Alam Road Food Street, Gwalmandi Food Street, Anarkali Food Street, Government College University (GCU) Chowk, and Urdu Bazar Chowk.

WCLA Plan For MM Alam Road’s transformation

According to an official from WCLA, the open spaces and sidewalks along the aforementioned road will undergo a transformation into a stylish sit-out food street. For the MM Alam Road food street initiative, spaces available in Main Market, Liberty Market, and Mall One will also be utilized. This approach has already seen success in the food street adjacent to Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque.

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Also, the meeting disclosed plans for the creation of a park, designed similarly to Greater Iqbal Park, on vacant land owned by the LDA and Irrigation Department adjacent to Noor Jahan Tomb and Jahangir Tomb. This park will stretch from G T Road to the Ravi River. Additionally, the meeting emphasized the need for swift progress in the restoration of 12 gates within Lahore.

In conclusion

In conclusion, the collaborative efforts between Lahore Commissioner Muhammad Ali Randhawa and Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA) Director General Kamran Lashari are set to usher in a transformative phase for the city’s landscape. The comprehensive discussion regarding the MM Alam Road’s transformation, along with the rejuvenation of key areas such as Mall Road, various food streets, and historical landmarks, signifies a commitment to enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. As plans unfold to convert open spaces into inviting food street settings and to establish a new park reminiscent of Greater Iqbal Park, it’s evident that the city’s cultural heritage and modern aspirations are harmoniously merging. The undertaking to restore Lahore’s iconic gates further emphasizes the dedication to preserving its historical legacy. These strategic initiatives promise a brighter, more vibrant future for Lahore, where tradition and progress coexist seamlessly, enriching the lives of both residents and visitors alike.

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