Punjab Police Shuhada Commemorated by MDA through Plot Allocations

Multan: The Multan Development Authority (MDA) has disclosed its plan to dedicate plots as a tribute to the sacrifices of Punjab Police Shuhada (martyrs) within private housing societies under its jurisdiction, as reported on August 24.

In a meeting convened on Tuesday (August 22), the Director General of MDA, Zahid Ikram, engaged with proprietors and developers of housing societies to deliberate upon this commendable initiative. The discussions unveiled that two to three plots within these housing projects will be exclusively reserved to honor the martyrs from the esteemed police force.

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Zahid Ikram highlighted that several major cities across the province have already taken the lead in setting aside plots to pay homage to Punjab Police Shuhada. Acknowledging the nobility of this undertaking, he fervently urged housing societies to actively partake in this initiative and contribute to its laudable cause.

Furthermore, the Director General underscored the significance of collaborative efforts among all stakeholders in establishing a consistent and equitable approach for the successful implementation of this initiative. This collaborative endeavor aims to ensure that the allocation of plots maintains a sense of uniformity and fairness across housing societies that fall within the scope of the MDA.

The announcement by the Multan Development Authority signifies a heartfelt tribute to the unwavering dedication and sacrifices made by Punjab Police Shuhada. This initiative not only acknowledges their courage but also stands as a poignant reminder of their commitment to upholding law and order. With the active involvement of housing societies, this endeavor is poised to perpetuate their memory while nurturing a sense of unity and appreciation within the community.

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