GHDA Unveils Tourism Efforts in Gorakh Hills-Dadu

Karachi: The Chairman of the Gorakh Hills Development Authority (GHDA), Rafiq Ahmed Jamali, has shared comprehensive insights into the ongoing development initiatives at Gorakh Hills-Dadu. The focus of these efforts is to enhance the tourism experience while prioritizing safety, as per news published on August 24.

In a recent statement, the GHDA Chairman elaborated on the significant progress achieved over the past nine years, with a remarkable investment of PKR 3 billion allocated for a range of development projects under the authority. These projects encompass various amenities and infrastructure elements, all designed to create an inviting environment for visitors.

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Key initiatives include the establishment of critical infrastructure components such as road networks, rest houses, family resorts, tourist hostels, restaurants, mosques, dispensaries, and recreational facilities. These additions collectively aim to enhance the overall experience for tourists.

GHDA Construction

A significant accomplishment in the region is the construction of a 35-kilometer road from Wahi Pandhi Town, with an investment of PKR 1,000 million. This road not only improves accessibility but also substantially contributes to the safety of travel for tourists.

To further enrich the tourism experience, interconnected roads have been developed between different viewpoints, facilitating seamless movement across the area. Accommodation options have been thoughtfully designed, featuring six furnished duplex family resorts, an 8-room tourist hostel, a PD rest house, a fibreglass rest house, and well-appointed huts. These accommodations come with supplementary amenities, including mosques, event spaces, restaurants, tuck shops, cricket grounds, and children’s play areas.

Energy sustainability has also been addressed through the incorporation of solar power systems in power huts, resorts, and restaurants. Additionally, a dispensary operates nearby to cater to medical needs and is staffed with medical professionals.

Consistent water supply across elevations ranging from 5,000 to 6,000 feet has been ensured through the construction of eight reservoir tanks and associated pumping stations.

Chairman Jamali reiterated his dedication to transforming Gorakh Hill Station into a premier tourist destination in Pakistan, particularly for the people of Sindh. These ongoing efforts are poised to establish an exceptional and safe tourism hub that offers relaxation and adventure amidst the stunning natural beauty of the area.

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