Geo-tagging Technology Reveals 597 Illegal Buildings : CDA

Islamabad: Utilizing advanced geo-tagging technology, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Building Control Wing (South Division) has successfully identified and mapped 597 unauthorized structures across Islamabad, as reported on April 16.

The geo-tagging initiative commenced about three months ago, encompassing both authorized and unauthorized commercial buildings within the jurisdiction of the Building Control Wing (South Division). The CDA’s primary focus is to utilize the insights gathered from this technology to enhance internal procedures initially, with plans to later extend this information to citizens through its official website.

According to sources, a list containing the precise coordinates of unauthorized properties has been submitted to the Directorate of Enforcement for the formulation of corrective measures.

Meanwhile, the CDA’s Information Technology Directorate is diligently working to make this data accessible on the official website. Authority officials are touting this digital outreach as a pivotal step towards informing the public and fostering awareness to mitigate potential future legal issues. Traditionally, information has been confined to physical files, lacking a streamlined automated system for centralized data collection.

However, a recent comprehensive field survey has harnessed the power of geo-tagging technology through platforms like Google Maps, effectively merging essential details with accurate building locations.

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Once available online, a comprehensive repository of information encompassing both commercial and residential structures will be at the public’s disposal, simplifying future decision-making processes.

This innovative approach is poised to empower users to swiftly retrieve vital details such as location coordinates, dimensions, conditions, legal status, and ownership specifics with just a single click.

According to reports, Muhammad Shafi Marwat, the Director of Building Control South, has affirmed the compilation of a comprehensive list cataloging unauthorized commercial structures, each meticulously pinpointed through the process of geo-tagging.

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