CM reviews work on Ring Road SL-3 Project

LAHORE: The caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi, conducted a visit to the ongoing Ring Road Southern Loop-3 (SL-3 Project) near Multan Road Maraka, aiming to evaluate the progress of the endeavor.

During his tour, the Chief Minister issued directives to the relevant authorities, underscoring the urgency of completing the project within the stipulated timeframe. He highlighted that the Ring Road Southern Loop 3 project, which was initiated after a 12-year hiatus, intends to enhance transportation facilities for the public. The Chief Minister expressed optimism that the project’s culmination is targeted for December 31.

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The route of the SL-3 project

Subsequently, in his conversation with the media, the CM shared that the Lahore Ring Road Southern Loop 3 project is slated for completion in a mere five months. Priorly, legal complications had encircled the project, but these issues have now been resolved, paving the way for its progress.

The route of the project, which passes through Bahria Town, garnered significant support from the housing society. The Chief Minister assured that all hindrances have been eliminated, and the designated area for the project is now unobstructed. He stressed that the project would be executed with the utmost adherence to quality standards.

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In response to queries about the incident at Islamia University Bahawalpur, the Chief Minister conveyed plans for establishing a judicial commission. The Punjab government will furnish an extensive report to the commission, and he assured that the individuals involved will face appropriate consequences. He further reassured the public, particularly women, that their safety remains a paramount concern.

Regarding the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC)

Chief Minister Naqvi clarified that operation theaters were temporarily closed due to an infection rate exceeding 80 percent. To ensure patient well-being, the government is conducting third-party verification to ensure the complete eradication of infections before resuming operations.

Addressing another query, he emphasized the necessity for police stations to adopt a citizen-friendly approach. He expressed confidence in the forthcoming reforms by the Inspector General (IG) and Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) to enhance the environment within police stations.


Concluding his remarks, he discussed the government’s active measures against inflation and its commitment to hold accountable those responsible for price hikes. He also addressed inquiries concerning snooker champion Ahsan Ramzan, assuring suitable actions against the responsible parties.

Chief Minister participated in the Police Martyrs Memorial

Furthermore, the Chief Minister participated in the Police Martyrs Memorial at Police Lines Qila Gujjar Singh to mark Police Martyrs Day. He laid flowers at the memorial and offered prayers for the valiant police martyrs. He also paid his respects at the Police Ghazi Memorial, expressing profound admiration for the courage exhibited by police officers and individuals who sacrificed their lives to safeguard the populace. He highlighted the special place held by police martyrs in our collective esteem.

Additionally, the Chief Minister inspected the teaching hospital, flyover project, and police station in Shahdara to assess the prevailing conditions. The Provincial Information Minister, Amir Mir, accompanied him during the visit. While at the police station, the Chief Minister inquired about the cases of incarcerated individuals and inspected the front desk.

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