Every project either residential, commercial or mixed-used comes with two plans. First is Full payment plan & second is installment plan. Both of these have its own benefits. We have discussed in details about the benefits of opting installment plan for buying properties.

As the name suggests full payment plan means paying whole cost or lum sum of the property at once. In other words, we also use lump sum payments for this plan. Now is the time to know the perks you will get for opting full payment plan. Without any delay, lets directly move to it.

Benefits of Full Payment Plan

The overall ratio for opting it is comparatively lower than installment plan. People with less resources usually prefer installment plan. However, this plan comes up with certain benefits.

Significant Discounts

While paying all cash at once, you will get significant percentage of discount. Usually market trends discount is between 10% to 21% of the total amount. Thus, in this way you can save cash & get a great deal from the get go. If you have such resources, go for this plan.  You can visit Park View CityMulti Gardens B-17, Eighteen, Capital Smart City, Rudn Enclave, Trivelles Smart Villas and Blue World City that offers huge discounts in this regard.

You are Priority!

Sellers prefer such buyers who give lump sum cash. As developers need money for their development. Thus, such individuals are prioritized in every regard. Usually, they are preferred if there is an option for plot allocation. Moreover, they are often exempted from developmental charges as well.

Immediately Become Owner

Unlike installment plans, you will become owner there and then of your purchased property. There is no long & annoying waiting. Moreover, no such uncertainty to pay a certain amount every month or quarterly. The beauty is that you are not affected if governmental policies change or company policies change as you have paid your dues in advance.

Absolute sense of security

You will have more peace of mind along with sense of security once you have ownership. You don not have to worry anymore thinking about the uncertainties of future. No more abating from monthly budget to pay installment every month.



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