CDA: Built-up property awards announced for Sector C-13

Islamabad’s Deputy Commissioner, Sardar Mohammad Asif, has taken a significant stride in tackling the issue of unauthorized constructions and promoting fairness in property distribution. This move was announced through a recent news article on August 17.

The Deputy Commissioner, Sardar Mohammad Asif, headed a committee that was established before the award declaration. This committee included Assistant Commissioner Sadar Second Tehsil Saniya Hamid Pasha and HVC Naseer Olakh from the district administration. Their collaborative efforts were focused on establishing a transparent and impartial process for property awards.

Concerns emerged in Sector C-13, particularly in Shah Allah Ditta, where unauthorized structures were identified. This prompted a thorough evaluation of the situation, resulting in the compilation of a list of supposed affected individuals, amounting to 2,800 names. Subsequent investigations, however, uncovered that a substantial number of these names were fabricated and unauthorized. Among the initially mentioned 759 illegal constructions, only 112 adhered to legal criteria.

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Further scrutiny revealed that individuals who were not genuinely impacted by the actions had been included in the list of affected parties. This even extended to those whose properties were acquired due to encroachments.

In collaboration with the Capital Development Authority’s member estate, DC Sardar Mohammad Asif imposed stringent regulations to ensure that only legitimately affected properties received the property built-up award. Following this meticulous evaluation, 328 individuals were eligible for ‘A’ category plots, 108 for ‘B’ category, and 186 for ‘C’ category plots in Sector C-13.

Overall, a comprehensive review of documents identified 644 individuals as rightful recipients of the award, while 2,156 names were excluded due to their fraudulent claims. According to a spokesperson from the Capital Development Authority, this comprehensive approach underscores their commitment to transparently awarding properties, while simultaneously addressing encroachments and unauthorized constructions in Sector C-13. This ensures a just and equitable resolution.

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