Islamabad Expressway Extension approved from Gulberg Islamabad till Rawat. According to recent updates, it would be a 13 Km long & 5 lane wide route. This signal free corridor will ensure the smooth flow of traffic entering & exiting the city on daily basis. After completion of this expansion, the overall traveling time will also significantly reduce. It will be convenient for the millions of inhabitants in adjoining area to move without hustle of traffic jam.

Islamabad Expressway

Islamabad expressway is a major expressway that quickly connects Capital, Islamabad to Rawalpindi. The total length of Islamabad Expressway is 28 Km with 3 to 5 lanes. It starts from Zero-Point Interchange & ends at Rawat. This route serves as main link for hundreds & thousands of transports to the Twin cities.

Islamabad Expressway Extension

The up-gradation of Expressway was essential. Heavy-traffic also utilizes this road which often causes dead-block traffic jam & people stuck in for hours. In order to solve this issue, Islamabad expressway extension announced in 2 phases accordingly.

Expansion project inaugurated on July 2015 by then PM Nawaz Sharif. In 1st phase, expressway was made signal free & widened to 5 lanes from Zero point interchange to Koral Interchange previously.  2nd phase includes the expansion of expressway into 5 lanes from Koral interchange till Rawat. However, the 2nd phase was drop out by CDA due to lack of funding.

It is pertinent to discuss that many popular & upscale residential schemes are situated on either sides of expressway namely DHA, Bahria Town, PWD & many others. This expansion would be a game-changer for the investors in the respective residential schemes. Moreover, it would alter the market trend for these societies as well.



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